Why do you need PDF Mixer?

Are you tired of searching for the perfect PDF tool? Looking for the perfect tool to manage your PDF files? Then You are in the right place. Here you will get to know about one of the best in the market called PDF Mixer.

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Whether you are a student or a professional, it is impossible not to have run into a PDF file. PDF have become so popular over the years that almost 85% documents' format on the web is a PDF file.

PDF's popularity
PDF's popularity overtook Christianity and Hinduism

Why do you need PDF Mixer?

1. PDF is universal

Remember the time when you used to get files in .docx or .pptx format only to find that the file extension is not compatible with your device? If you ever used word processor before, you will know how hard it is to convert those documents. Even slight difference can cause various problems on different platforms like Mac or PC. Best cases, you lost aesthetics even if the document was readable. PDF documents does not have any of those restrictions. It can show exactly how you want it to be regardless of device type. This was one of the key reasons behind PDF's popularity.

Even according to ISO 32000-1, "PDF has become a de facto global standard for more secure and dependable information exchange since Adobe published the complete PDF specification in 1993. Both government and private industry have come to rely on PDF for the volumes of electronic records that need to be more securely and reliably shared, managed, and in some cases preserved for generations."

If you use PDF Mixer to create the documents, anybody with a PDF reader can open and read the contents. Now a days, you do not even need a PDF reader as most modern browsers can support PDF files.

2. Offers Security

In today's world, data is considered to be the most valuable asset. In the wrong hand, data can have devastating consequences. The level of data breach related cyber-crime is astonishing. For this very reason you need to secure your data

According to Statista, "One of the largest reported data leaks as of January 2020 was the early 2018 security breach of India's national ID database Aadhaar, with over 1.1 billion records lost. This included biometric information such as iris and fingerprint scans which could be used to open bank accounts and receive financial aid, among other government services."

It is very easy to secure a PDF file using PDF Mixer. You can password lock any PDF content and it will be protected from any unauthorized prying eyes. The document can only be viewed after inserting the correct password. Once the document is secured it can be shared without a worry as only the intended recipient will know how to open it. You can also choose to remove password from a document as long as you remember the origin password.

Wait! It gets better! PDF Mixer allows you to build rights management into the files as well. In addition to giving access through password, you can prevent specific individuals from editing or printing. You can encrypt the contents of the document. You can even choose to redact sensitive information for some and give rights to others to see the redacted contends.

3. PDF offers versatility:

The PDF file format is a very practical format. Like water, it becomes what you use it for. You can use it for images, vectors, graphics, text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, long annual reports or college assignments. PDF format welcomes all types of contents with the same level of enthusiasm. PDF was built to support all formats from the beginning.

One of the cofounders of Adobe Dr. John Warnock said, "What industries badly need is a universal way to communicate documents across a wide variety of machine configurations, operating systems and communication networks. These documents should be viewable on any display and should be printable on any modern printers. If this problem can be solved, then the fundamental way people work will change."

PDF Mixer takes it to the next level by providing options like, combining multiple PDF files into one, reordering/switching/merging pages, inserting blank pages, adding pages from scanner, and many more. With this software you can even use drag mode along with Multi-Select options.

4. Customizability of PDF

Ever heard of Big data? It is certainly a thing and it is only going to get bigger and bigger. Businesses are collecting data from their customer for providing better UX for a while now. The data is used for multiple researches and can get very messy as the researcher has to go through an exuberant number of documents to gather appropriate data and compiling them into a single document for it to make sense. With PDF Mixer the job can be done in a much more efficient manner.

Per Statista, "The global big data market is forecasted to grow to 103 billion U.S. dollars by 2027"

Juggling with multiple file types? Have to use excel for calculation and word for text? Looking for solutions to how you can convert those into a single file? Well PDF mixer got your back. With PDF Mixer you can add excel workbook and word to a single PDF and more.

5. Environment Friendly

Global warming is not a joke. All of us must do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. If we do not make the effort now, we cannot ensure sustainability. Saying that, PDF might just be the most underappreciated contributor in the Go green movement. PDF is saving billions of papers every day.

According to a study titled "The economics of paper consumption in offices", "Changing printing preferences, a significant amount of economic and environmental resources to the tune of 44.8% can be saved."

PDF Mixer is dedicated to save paper. By using PDF Mixer, you can not only increase your productivity but also, save the planet in the process. PDF Mixer urges you to use the least amount of paper.

6. File Resize

Ever ran into size issue using PDF? Need feedback on your school research but can not email it because of the size? You are not the first one to face this problem. From long annual report to multimedia enriched documents, you need it to be standard sized for practical usage. There was a time when you could fit a full application in a floppy disk. But now it is unimaginable. From OS to simple document, everything is bigger now. This is a big problem for most. A student can typically upload 100mb per file on Turnitin, which is quite inadequate for a researcher. Ordinary households are using 10mbps internet connection, where the data environment askes for a minimum of 1,000mbps for a good user experience. As, we are bound by such restrictions, we are forced to minimize our file size as much as possible.

Using PDF Mixer can get you out of this jam in seconds. With PDF Mixer you can combine and shape your documents easily. You can decrease the size of your PDF by resizing the multimedia.

7. Interactive Documents

Companies are always collecting data. They are using various methods to acquire these data on their customers or potential customers. They are using multiple platforms to collect these ranging from interactive PDF documents to hand filled forms. Data collected with any method can easily be converted to PDF for optimal efficiency and conversion.

Per Statista," Global marketing data market was valued at 34.61 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, and it was expected to grow to 52.26 billion in 2021. In the U.S., the market is expected to grow from 21.2 to 30.6 billion in the same period."

PDF documents are capable of being interactive. With PDF Mixer you can embed Word doc, Images, Excel worksheets and PowerPoint slides in a PDF files. Additionally, you get the option to build forms that collects responses form the readers digitally. The main function of PDF Mixer is to add pages from one PDF file to another. Users can also add any page or multiple pages from a Word file or add any worksheets from one Excel file to a PDF. PDF Mixer is miles ahead compared to forms created with word processor or MS Word where you need to print it out to fill by hand, then scan it and send it back. Data collection is much easier with PDF.

8. Accessibility

It is very unfortunate that even in this day and era we are neglecting the needs of our fellow disabled counter parts. Governments around the globe are trying to educate people about the necessity of the data rights for the people with disability. All government issues are made accessible for everyone. But the world is slow to adopt.

Per Statista, "In 2020, the websites which were most in compliance with the Korean web content accessibility guidelines to allow for easy use of all content offered on a website, regardless of the users' physical abilities, were those of the finances and insurance sector with roughly 71.5 compliance points. According to the source, the overall accessibility of websites was found to be rather low."

But PDF Mixer believes in freedom of information. It can make your file accessible, giving it a global appeal and making the document universal. It can be made accessible by inserting hyperlinks, alternate tags and texts, bookmarks etc. Following Accessibility Compliance Standard enforced by the government, PDF Mixer can provide guidelines for the documents to be available for the people with disabilities as well. Many businesses are also adopting the standard to provide for the disabled employees and customers. Keeping that in mind, PDF Mixer was made to compliment tools like screen-reader and text to speech.


We are already at the end of our discussion today. Whether you are a student or a working professional or a business, you can easily see the importance of PDF Mixer from the discussion above. The possibility is literally limitless. Investing in a PDF software like PDF Mixer is sure to return. This tool can be your one stop solution for all your documentation need. Please let us know what you think about our PDF Mixer.


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